Sergio A. Nevarez

A little about who or what I am, I am a child of popular culture.

Born in Mexico, raised in Colorado, and now I reside in Denver.

I'm quite athletic with an optimal human performance mindset. I enjoy running, cycling, and strength training; however, i also love popular culture and all it's entities.

I know a heavy amount of knowledge in health, nutrition, and exercise; thus, I enjoy being in the kitchen quite often.

I have two jobs; as an EMT in the Emergency Department & as a Professional Mover. Each with their own reward and challenge.

I try to train 5-6 days a week and work on building a website & location to allow Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose.

My fiancee and I recently had the opportunity to travel to Japan, and it was AWESOME!!

Find me on:

Instagram : a.k.a_loncho

Snapchat: sileightystars